“….legal services cannot be provided under a limited liability company (PT).”

According to Indonesian Law, Legal services can only be provided by lawyers. Under the Advocates Law, anyone who wants to exercise the profession of a lawyer in Indonesia must be a member of the Bar Association. Further, to become a lawyer, you must be an Indonesian citizens who are minimum 25 years old, possess a bachelor’s degree of law and have successfully finished the exam provided for by the Bar Association.

If registered-lawyers performed a negligence in their services, they are subject to a sanction by the bar association from temporary to permanent prohibition in practicing law. Therefore lawyers must perform their services in accordance with legal ethic and the prevailing laws.

How if the negligence performed by non-registered lawyers? The Bar Association do not have any authority against them. The bar association only authorize to supervise their members. You can submit a legal claim against the illegal lawyer, but it will take a long time and more money spent.

Further, legal services cannot be provided under a limited liability company. Under Indonesian law, legal service is a personal liability so it cannot be shifted to corporate liability. The appropriate business entity for legal services is Firma or Persekutuan Perdata.

Source: Smartcolaw.com